By building a molecular shield around each fiber, Teflon Advanced creates its protection barrier around your carpet. The guard lowers the carpet fibers causing them to repel dust, liquid, and dirt.  It will also help prevent dirt from being ground into the carpet fibers from repetitive traffic.

It’s undetectable by smell and sight, so it’s shield goes unnoticed.  You still get the same beautiful carpet but with an added barrier of protection.  Teflon’s advanced resiliency prevents dirt from remaining within the fibers, making carpet easier to take care of with regular vacuuming.  This will help your carpet look and FEEL cleaner for a longer period of time!

Does Carpet Cleansing Take Away The Teflon?

Some Teflon(r) Advanced Carpet Protector is taken from the fiber from with repeat traffic or cleaning. Strong cleaning agents may also remove some product chemicals.

When hiring a carpet cleaner you will want one that understands the effect a cleaning product has on Teflon barriers.  At Pro Steam, we’re more than familiar with the product and we can ensure you will get clean carpets with the barrier remaining in tact.  And if you need to strengthen the barrier, we can provide additional Teflon to help.


How Does Teflon Differ From Off the Shelf Products?


To put it simply, there is just NOT a product on the market at the local store or Wal Mart that can compete with the professional level of protection a product like Teflon offers.  When you combine a great product with an experienced carpet tech, you have a powerful combination that will leave your carpet clean and protected for years to come.


How often should I get Teflon Protection?

This is something we would have to come look at.  We will need to see the traffic patterns.  We don’t want to sell you something over the phone that you don’t need.  If a carpet experiences repeated traffic on a daily basis, then yes, we would likely want to apply a protective barrier more often.  It’s all based on carpet traffic and traffic patterns.


Is Teflon right for all materials?

Yes, Teflon Complex gives protection from dirt and spots on all types of carpet fibers. An exclusive system of Teflon carpet protection has now been created to be utilized on wool fibers.


Must Teflon be raked in?

Yes. After being dispersed on, the very best way to assure even distribution is to have a professional apply the Teflon.  Whether it is raked in or not depends on the techs equipment.


Could Teflon be applied to furniture?


Consult a professional before considering using Teflon on any piece of furniture.  Yes, you most often can use Teflon to protect a piece of furniture BUT you can never be too careful.  You do not want to apply any chemicals to any fabric without consulting a professional because there is a chance you can damage the fabric.


If you have other questions related to Teflon and Carpet Protection in general, please give us a call!  We’d love to answer your questions and give you a free estimate.


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