Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are different than other carpets both in cost and in their delicate qualities. Cleaning your oriental rugs requires professional understanding.  A professional understands how you can avert additional staining or ruining your carpets. At Pro Steam, we have experienced technicians with this specific professional knowledge. Your rugs can be cleaned and restored with attention and precision for an unbeatable cost. Avoid mistakes and hassle and call the professionals!

Oriental rugs should not be cleaned as often as some other carpets. These delicate carpets can be destroyed and prematurely worn with an excessive amount of cleaning. Pro Steam suggests you only clean your oriental rug if it’s needed. We can help you determine if a professional cleaning is needed, and if it is, we can recommend the proper cleaning technique for your particular rug.

If you lift the rug and kick or smack the back and dust or soil can be viewed falling off, it is time to take your rug into be cleaned. Hitting or beating a rug can only refresh it to a certain extent.  It will only get you so far.

Our methods are much more refined.  We won’t damage your rug and obviously we’ll get it to a level of clean other simple do it yourself methods can’t compare to.

If you have a visible stain on your rug, then you will definitely want to consult a professional.  Stain removal on an oriental rug is something that can be quite complex.  Also, oriental rugs can often be quote expensive.  You’ll want a reliable tech who knows what they are doing to work on your rug.  We’ll take the correct precautions to ensure your rug gets cleaned the right way the first time out!


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