Carpet Water Damage Removal

Carpet Water Damage Removal

Water damage to your house can be devastating. Flooding frequently occurs unexpectedly and quite frequently appears to ruin carpets.

This cuts deep when you are already faced with an enormous mess, damaged items–including carpeting, furniture, and electronics. Priceless items may have already been lost. In these difficult circumstances, we know you feel stressed and overwhelmed, and Pro Steam Carpet Care is here to assist. If water damage reaches your house, call us as soon as you possibly can. The faster we can measure the damage and arrive at the job site, the faster we can have you and your house back on track.

We have to be honest.  There are certain times when some carpet just can’t be salvaged and this is unfortunate.  BUT…. before you go tearing up carpet to pitch it, let us take a look.  We may be able to restore the carpet to it’s previous condition for a price drastically cheaper than replacing it!

The manner in which we deal with water damage is to first remove all free standing water in the region. We use the best equipment possible to pull the remaining water out of your carpeting, padding, furniture and any areas you may have that demand attention. We remove any carpeting, padding or upholstery that’s beyond repair and reinstall new (if necessary). This really is only done as a last resort. Our water damage removal procedure is done according to best practices. Quality is our primary target. We want to get the job done right, and we need to get your carpets back to normal as fast as possible.

When there’s water damage, don’t delay. Call us today at (636) 299-2925.


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