Carpet Scotch Guard

Carpet Scotch Guard

Scotch Guard for carpeting, upholstery, and other materials is a remedy you can apply to protect carpeting against staining. This procedure is usually done after full carpet cleaning or on brand new carpeting.

It is generally received with mixed reviews from do it yourself users. Our customers have complained that after following the directions, they still were left with sub par results (or no results whatsoever!) It appears like an easy enough task at first glance, but carpets and upholstery may be finicky, and if you don’t know precisely what you’re doing every step of the way, you’re liable to end up with shoddy results or even destroyed materials. The bottom line is Scotch Guard is a product best used by professionals with knowledge of the properties of the product AND the material being protected!


Scotch Guard Done Right, The First Time!

Pro Steam Carpet Care offers professional Scotch Guard treatments done right.

From beginning to end, all Scotch Guard services provided by Pro Steam are done accurately and efficiently. All products and equipment used is the best out there.

You may have experienced problems in the past caring for your own carpeting. Carpet cleaning and maintenance can easily go well for years, and then ONE misstep leaves you with damaged carpet or upholstery.  All it takes is using one wrong product, one time.

Our techs have seen the worst of the worst.  We’ll eliminate the stains and odors that are pestering you and then use the appropriate Scotch Guard application techniques to seal the deal!

At Pro Steam Carpet Cleaning, we know carpeting and upholstery. We possess the ability and training needed to get the job done right every time! You can breathe easy with Pro Steam on the job. Our care and treatment of your rugs and upholstery is unmatched, and our customer service assures you an enjoyable experience each and every time.


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