Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

We normally clean and vacuum wall-to-wall but do we always make sure to give exactly the same attention with our area rugs? Carpets could be costly and keeping them in good shape assures a longer lifespan and money saved.  Rugs should be no different!

As with all carpeting and fabrics, you’ve got to be sure you understand your cleaning products. Are you cleaning the correct type of rug with all the correct cleansers? Failure to note these details can lead to a destroyed area rug, or at least a very visible blemish.

It is strongly recommended that all area rugs be deep cleaned every 12-18 months. A deep cleaning involves using carpet cleaning alternatives and frequently gear. This is often done professionally or on your own. Nonetheless, tough stains are best left to the professionals and when you second guess the available products for use in your precious carpets, you may choose to do a little more research or again, turn them around to professional cleaners to avoid errors and wasted money.

Between deep cleanings–whether you do them on your own or not–fundamental carpet care should be executed on a regular basis to keep your carpets preserved and looking new.

For larger carpets that may be vacuumed, vacuuming is essential. Vacuum your larger area rugs as you’d standard carpeting. Don’t forget to avoid sucking any fringe upward into the vacuum.

Make an effort to be diligent about cleaning up pet hair that may weave itself deep into your area rugs and be extremely difficult to get rid of. After vacuuming, utilize a stiff brush in your carpet to pick up any pet hair left behind. Do that step gently as you do not need to damage your carpet with any tough brushing.

Lastly, turn your carpets consistently. We often walk through rooms using the same courses and our carpets become visibly worn in those areas.


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