Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our customers come to Pro Steam with plenty of questions, and a lot of them are about removal of special stains. If you’re a pet lover, you know that our biggest concerns lie with the stains and odors of our furry friends. We adore them, but they could be a LITTLE dirty. No matter the mess, we can tackle it, remove it, and get your property looking–and smelling!–as it should.


Residential Carpets – Pet Stain Removal

Cat Urine might be a particularly pesky dilemma to get rid of. Pets tend to revisit the same places, marking their territory over and over again. The scent becomes heavy and is obvious upon penetrating your property. On your own, these issues can often times be difficult to eliminate with store bought products. Store bought cleansing agents of better quality will offer a superficial cleaning but still don’t penetrate deep enough to fully eliminate the scent. We might not smell it, but your cat or dog surely will and soon you are back to the first issue. The machinery utilized by Pro Steam utilizes a deep cleaning agent containing enzymes which can break down the stain and remove it entirely with no indication of visible stain or smell to humans OR pets.

Carpet and fabric cleaning of pet spots are just one set our many specialties. We are aware that different stains and odors can require different cleaning procedures, so we are capable solve each project on a specific and individual basis. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is what we do! Let’s do it right for you! The erroneous choices in carpet and upholstery maintenance can lead to irrevocable damage to your carpeting and furniture. Why take a risk when we’re here for you to offer the top quality of service at affordable prices that will not damage your wallet.

When it involves upholstery cleaning, we consider it too difficult to attempt by yourself without potentially completely ruining a piece of furniture (or an expensive fabric). So frequently, we find our customers have flipped cushions to hide spots or bought pricy furniture covers to hide the stain–and also their wonderful sofa or chair! Our cleaning technicians can clean your property with the right products for the individual need. Pro Steam technicians have been trained to treat fine fabrics and remove stains without harming your furniture.

Many areas of our houses can go undetected when we clean. Little spaces accumulating dust, crumbs under the sofa and cobwebs in high, hard to reach corners; but the one thing we always find our customers unintentionally ignore are their carpets! ┬áDust and pet dander cling to carpets, curtains and drapes, and we breathe this in every room with no second thought. Pro Steam can look after this for you–every step of the way.

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