Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Lots of people may overlook the benefits of upholstery cleaning unless they’re staring down a large red wine stain on their high-priced white sofa, but upholstery cleaning stretches far beyond the occasional accidental spill.

Pro Steam knows upholstery cleaning and care inside and outside. We have been doing it for over 6 years with dozens of happy clients in the St. Charles, MO area! Care-established upkeep of upholstery is not as painstaking as it seems!


Upholstery Cleaning – Eliminating Years of Build Up


All those miniature spills add up: dirt, sweat, liquids and other grime builds on our furniture and we never give it much consideration, but the buildup over time may be cringe-worthy. Dust and pollutants in our sofas, chairs and beds can create or exacerbate allergies. Small cleaning fees now will help save you from squandering countless amounts of money replacing ignored furniture as time goes by.

A lot can go wrong when wanting to clean upholstery. Even the most careful plans of action may result in sudden dilemmas leading to marred or ruined furniture. Waterstains are common–you remove the original blot but are left with a water ring on your own upholstery. Some products make this almost impossible to avoid. Purchasing the wrong equipment or substances may be wasteful and disappointing when it works against your furniture. Color bleeding and fading, fabric texture change and dulling can all really occur quite easily if you are not well-versed in the care of upholstery and materials. We will assist you to do the task right!

All you have to do to get the ball rolling is filled out the brief form on our website or contact us by phone at 636-299-2925.

Tell us about your furniture and we’ll schedule a timely appointment to come clean and treat your items with respect to the individual need of the fabric and nature of the stain or smell. Pro Steam is about individualized focus. Cleaning fabrics may be very difficult, and it takes a special equilibrium of the correct products and equipment to get the task finished right without damage to your furniture. Our proficient and experienced technicians will have your upholstery looking brand new with our company’s own unique techniques. According to the fabric, we apply the use of steam or dry cleaning procedures to clean and renew.

After we have cleaned your furniture or in the event you’ve recently purchased new pieces, please ask about our fabric shielding techniques. Our special protection treatment keeps fabrics more powerful and resistant to spills, stains and absorption. To find out more on pricing or how this technique works, give us a call! We’re always very happy to explain or discuss any aspects of your job.


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