Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

To be able to maintain your tile, stone or other hard surfaces you’ll want a trained professional technician who is trained in cleaning tile, stone, and grout.  Regular cleaning of the surface and grout is extremely important.  We use a step by step procedure with each cleaning that will ensure you have a long lasting, polished look.

Step one to any tile and grout cleaning job would be to do a rough clean-up of any debris and also to observe any damaged areas. After this modest pre-cleaning step is executed, the actual cleaning job is underway.

We then apply a warmed solution specifically tailored to that of stone and grout.  This will help lift stains, dirt, and other grime that can be tough to remove.

A pressure washing system is used to spray down the grout and tile following the pre-cleaning measures. Any spots staying following the pressure spray ought to be treated with a suitable tile and grout cleaning solution.

After the flooring has been dried, a seal must be applied in some instances. Sealants come in clear or somewhat toned colours–select suitably.  We are here to help you determine IF you need a sealant or not!

These measures are often taken by professional firms who possess the right products and equipment to perform the job correctly. To prepare your flooring before the technician comes to clean, picking up debris, moving furniture along with other valuable items out of the region is advised. Also, make sure to keep kids and pets away from the flooring for the amount of time assigned by the technician.

Cleaning tile and stone flooring can be difficult but with all the right measures done accurately, your floor can once again appear as good as new!


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