Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Pro Steam offers the best solutions for the unique carpet and upholstery cleaning needs of the workplace! We now have a wide variety of services to be able to provide you with the best answer for your particular cleaning needs. A well-thought out strategy to any endeavor is essential, and we consistently pay attention to the smallest of details. Our incredibly competitive costs guarantee you’ll get the very best service at the best rates. Keep up the cleanliness of your workplace and keep a tidy, welcoming environment for the customers and clients. ¬†And don’t forget… offer a safer and wholesome space for the employees!


“Green” Commercial Cleaning Services

Sometimes it’s not always easy to find greener solutions for the workplace but creating a cleaner environment while protecting the ecosystem may be a little simpler than you might think. Pro Steam uses the very best gear and merchandise out there. Together with assistance from the proper tools, we have applied use of our non-toxic procedure for cleaning your carpets and furniture. Our products are tough, hard-working and they supply a thorough, deep clean while still being 100% safe for children, pets, as well as the environment. Harsh chemicals may be dangerous for you personally and dangerous for the environment and they do nothing to provide quality and consistent deep clean. Let us show you a better method to a considerably cleaner carpet and far happier co-workers!


Commercial Carpet Cleaning vs. Residential Carpet Cleaning

It may be apparent for you that carpeting found in commercial offices and other places of business is quite different compared to the carpeting you could have in your home. Commercial carpeting is normally built to withstand heavy traffic and lack of specific care. It tends to be much less soft, woven tighter and made of distinct fibers than household carpet. What one might not consider, nevertheless, is that due to these properties, this type of carpeting might be harder to clean. The dust and dirt that gets compacted into these tightly woven fibers is not easily removed with store-bought equipment or products. These carpet cleaning projects require the correct mixture of chemicals and treatments along with top of the line gear. To attempt this with no appropriate know-how can create hours of wasted time in trial and error. At Pro Steam, we have the right gear to give your workplace a deep, fresh clean.

Our way of helping our customers is specific and individual to each customer. Whether we are serving a small residence or a sizable commercial space, our friendly, family-operated company offers the finest in customer care. We strive to be available for you and able to answer any questions you might have with useful, up-to-date knowledge and an extensive skillset. In knowing your sort of cloth or carpeting and what stains or smells may be afflicting it, we are able to handle it safely and efficiently for greatest results. Your satisfaction is 100% bonded and with over twenty years of experience and expertise, Pro Steam confidently stands behind that guarantee. We’re not finished until you’re happy with the results!

We are available for one-time jobs, or we can work together to arrange a maintenance strategy for the workplace including details on how and how often specific areas must be preserved. Ask us about commercial contract cleaning. We provide big and small plans for many company sizes. To get a quick and free quote, call us today at 636-299-2925.